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Delta Air Lines computer system outage delays flights across USA


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A computer issue at Delta Air Lines forced the carrier to hold its domestic flights on the ground across the nation for more than an hour Tuesday.

Delta said in a statement at 9:18 p.m. ET that the issued had been resolved. 

“Delta teams have restored all IT systems after a technology issue briefly affected some of our systems this evening,” Delta’s statement said. “All groundstops have been lifted.”

The incident delayed flights, but it was not immediately clear how many flights — if any — were canceled as a result of the glitch.


Prior to that, the carrier faced queries from delayed passengers about the problem. In response, Delta confirmed the technical issues were system-wide, with domestic flights on a “ground stop.” 

International flights were not affected, Delta said in its initial response.

Prior to the resolution, Delta confirmed the incident in a statement posted to its website. 

“Delta IT teams are working diligently to address a technology issue impacting some of our systems,” the company said. “We have issued a Delta groundstop as we work to bring systems back up as quickly as possible. There has been no disruption or safety issue with any Delta flight currently in the air. We apologize to all customers for this inconvenience. “

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